Hump Day Nudge: Great Dads

“My name’s dad…and proud of it…all dads should be.”

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I love peanut butter.

But I’m not at all sure about mixing peanut butter and Cheerios.

I am completely sure that this is the sort of dad that is inspiring… I think it’s something about the encouragement, empowerment, boundaries, playfulness, affirmation towards his children and confidence in his own ability to pull it off in a crazy, imperfect, messy sort of way that just warms me.

In a world that is too quick to tell us what we need by what we haven’t got, I’m kinda inspired by a model that is respectful to dads, and celebrates the contribution of men in the lives of their children.

Go Cheerios!  You’re not just for amusement of little-tiny-preschoolers-whose-desperate-parents-put-cheerios-on-their-high-chairs-to-get-5-more-minutes-peace-to-finish-their-dinner anymore!

Cheerios…you nailed a model of fatherhood that is fun and gentle and encouraging and validating.  Thank you.

Dads are important.  The research says it, and my walls have heard it over and over.

Listen to dads and boys talk about it:


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