Our system has a "zero tolerance" policy...if you have been accused of assaulting your partner, you are charged.  The partner is not asked for an opinion, the partner cannot ask for the charges to be dropped later.  Violence between intimate partners is not OK...not ever.

It is not OK to hit a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, partner, or lover. Never.  Period.

Domestic violence creates a confusing and conflicted dynamic that is different from other types of violence between any two other people.  And part of that difference is because there is almost always remorse (which feels genuine to everyone), apologies, and a likelihood that the couple will successfully move forward from that awful night...only for it to repeat itself all over again.  The cycle of domestic violence is subtle, sinister, and not easily recognized from within the relationship.  It messes with the heads of both people in the couple.

Intimate Partner Violence--Transforming Destructive into Constructive (IPV-TDC) is a program specifically designed for anger management treatment focused around domestic violence.  It is a relatively brief course designed for first time episodes of domestic violence.  It is not for repeated batterers...people who are well into the cycle of domestic violence require more extensive treatment than what this program provides.  IPV-TDC is a program designed to stop the cycle before it starts...after a single incident.

We recognize that no episode of violence is acceptable. However, there can be a perspective in which the episode of violence is understandable.  The therapist will work with you to look at the factors which "set up" the violence. The therapist can then help you make good choices about how to help you move forward in a way that has you be the kind of person you really want to be.

There are two formats for the program.  We recognize that most will attend IPV-TDC on their own.  However, there are circumstances where an isolated incident of violence may occur within a long term committed couple who have noticed that their conflict strategies haven't been working well overall.  For couples who are committed to seeking couple therapy to deal with the issue as a couple, we also have a couple format.

We recognize that this course is pricey...a huge chunk of change.  It will require swallowing hard...gulp...to plunk down the money for this course.

We receive no external source of funding, and thus are 100% reliant on client fees to cover the costs of highly trained therapists and all the other expenses of running a practice.

But we do think it's worth it.

The shame and disconnection that results from intimate partner violence is extreme...we want to work with you to create a lifelong pattern of relationships that create genuine closeness and satisfaction.

The Practical Details:

  • Registration will require submitting copy of police report for review.
  • You will receive the therapist's undivided attention for the sessions.  Your active participation is encouraged.  You will find the sessions more valuable if you engage with the therapist.
  • Payment required in advance of service by cash, cheque, debit, Visa, Mastercard or e-transfer, either for the entire package or for the next session. You can discuss payment options when you arrange for these sessions with the client care manager.
  • Due to the scope and breadth of this course, this program is intended only for first time offenders or  folks who choose to take it for personal interest
  • You will receive a letter confirming registration upon booking an appointment and receiving payment
  • Will receive a certificate of completion of all required hours, along with the objectives that were covered.
  • It takes the described number of hours to work through the material.  If a client attends an appointment under the influence of alcohol or other chemicals the session will not occur, but the client will be charged for that appointment time.  If a client chooses to steer the session in a non-productive way which means the material cannot be covered, additional sessions will be required to receive the certificate of completion, and will be charged at our standard rates.
  • All sessions will be scheduled between 8:30 and 5:00 Monday-Friday.  Evening and Weekend sessions are not available for the IPV-TDC program at this time.

Individual Program


6 hours total--spread over minimum 3 weeks
Each session is 2 hours 

Cost: $750.00 (includes GST)

A full list of objectives for this program.

Enhanced Format Program for Couples


10 hours total--spread over minimum of 5 weeks
Option: one or two hour sessions
4 hours individual with offender
1 hour individual with victim
5 joint hours of couple therapy

Cost: $1250.00 (including GST)

A full list of objectives for this program.

Both formats of IPV-TDC endeavor to

  • respectfully invite offenders to responsibility for their actions,
  • to understand the circumstances that have shaped them and their actions, and
  • to develop more effective strategies for relating to others which arise out of that understanding.