Prepare for the marriage, not just the wedding.
Prepare for the life, not just that special day.
Studies show that premarital counselling reduces the risk of divorce by 30%, and improves marital satisfaction.

Premarital counselling allows a couple to celebrate their strengths of the relationship. It encourage the couple to explore areas of their relationship that would benefit from discussion. Sometimes couples discover areas that have been previously unexplored, such as conflict resolution, communication, financial management, leisure. It facilitates the couple to understand the ways in which patterns from the family you grew up in may affect your marriage.

The time spent on each topic will vary depending on the unique needs and desires of each couple.
 The “PREPARE” (Premarital Personal Relationship Evaluation) inventory is a 165-item questionnaire assessing relationship strength and growth areas in 15 categories. It is a standardized tool administered by Enrich Canada Inc.   The PREPARE tool is completed on line after the first session.

Carolyn Klassen spoke with Dahlia Kurtz on CJOB680 about premarital counselling.
A small investment for a large payoff.

The second, third and fourth sessions will focus on the results of the PREPARE inventory as well as other issues as they arise.
 This is a valuable opportunity to focus on under-discussed areas and remove “surprises” from the relationship after the marriage. Although premarital counselling can occur at any time before the wedding, recent studies suggest that it should be completed 6 months prior to the wedding if possible. This allows the relationship a chance to shift and adjust as a response to the discussion in the counselling.

The fifth session is one additional session to be scheduled at the couple's discretion, within the first six months of marriage. This is an opportunity to discuss any issues as they have arisen after the wedding.
 The premarital package has a charge of $480.00 when taken during the day weekdays. The fee is $520.00 on evenings and weekends. This includes the cost of the 5 sessions as well as the fee for the PREPARE tool.

For couples who desire, with signed permission from the couple, the therapist will speak with the officiant of the wedding to answer questions the officiant may have in order to preside over the ceremony with confidence.

Couples who are engaged to be married and have a significant issue(s) they are dealing with, may prefer to attend regular sessions to specifically work in that area.  Some couples prefer to attend therapy with regular sessions as they are very aware of the focus they have. Couples in this situation wouldn't need to complete the PREPARE tool.  They would instead register as regular clients attending therapy.

Additional sessions are available in addition to the 4 package sessions before the wedding at a cost of $110.00 for daytime sessions, and $120.00 for evening/weekend sessions.

We would encourage you to call 204 275 1045 or contact us via our contact page to get an appointment time, prior to making a payment: