Master of Arts (Counselling)

Stephanie has a Master of Arts degree in Counselling.

Prior to pursuing her dream of becoming a therapist, Stephanie spent many years working in the field of disability support services.  Her experience working with people living with intellectual disabilities and their families, and coordinating extensively with the multidisciplinary team developed her love and compassion for people who face significant challenges.

Stephanie believes that the relationship between the client and therapist is incredibly important. She works hard to develop a strong connection with her clients developing trust and openness.  Stephanie recognizes the uniqueness and individuality of each person. She adapts her counselling style to suit the needs of each individual she has the privilege of seeing.

Stephanie believes that all people have been created as holistic beings with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.  As such, when we experience distress in one of these areas, it will often impact the other areas.  Stephanie desires to walk alongside people in their distress as they work to bring healing to their lives.

Whatever distress you are experiencing, you can be assured that Stephanie will join you in your journey with empathy and acceptance.  If faith is an important part of your journey of healing, she would be honoured to incorporate that in the counselling process.

Stephanie is trained in EMDR (Eye-movement Desensitization Reprocessing) which has been shown as highly effective in the treatment of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as with reducing the impact that our shame messages have on our thinking and feeling.  Stephanie has also received specialized training in Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for Tics.(CBIT) has been designed specifically to assist people living with Tourette Syndrome with managing the tics associated with the disorder.  Stephanie is one of very few people with CBIT training in Manitoba. She would love the opportunity to walk through this process with people living with Tourette Syndrome.




Stephanie Reimer Director and Therapist at Conexus Counselling










Photo of Stephanie Reimer Therapist at Conexus Counselling