B.A. M.A.

Maryann Friesen has a Master of Counselling Psychology Degree and is trained in EMDR.

As a therapist she provides therapy and coaching for people with a range of issues such as anger management, emotional literacy, anxiety, depression, and grief.

Maryann is a keen observer and compassionate listener. Coupled with a direct, down to earth and practical approach she is able to help people meet their goals. Maryann works with people through the problems or situations that are getting in the way of healthy living. She is able to help people become vulnerable in a safe and relaxed environment where learning can happen and people can grow.

Maryann is also trained in EMDR – a therapeutic approach that helps people who find themselves stuck often because of earlier experiences that were very difficult.  Maryann is also well versed in the work of Dr. Brene Brown and incorporates a lot of Brown’s shame resiliency theory and emotional resiliency strategies in her work with people who have experienced loss of many kinds, failure,  or deep hurts.

Going to see a therapist can be a stressful and difficult thing to do. Starting to work on personal matters or problems of living might be something that you would prefer to avoid. Maryann appreciates the courage and strength that it takes to make changes in life. Having experienced her own pain and growth, Maryann is sensitive to work at a pace that is comfortable. By creating a space for people to feel safe and belong, emotions can be shared, issues addressed and patterns changed.

Maryann believes people are good, loveable and worthy despite imperfections. And while we journey through life Maryann believes that we deserve respect and dignity as we make our way. Maryann wants to encourage people to be brave and own their stories because when we have the courage to do so, it allows for a deeper connection with ourselves and others with greater authenticity. This in turn spills into other areas allowing for a wholehearted life.

Maryann sees folks hoping to improve the connections in their lives. She has a specialty in Anger Management and has written about her experience of facilitating the process.

MaryAnn H Friesen - Conexus Counselling - Winnipeg, Manitoba MaryAnn H Friesen - Conexus Counselling - Winnipeg, Manitoba MaryAnn H Friesen - Conexus Counselling - Winnipeg, Manitoba