Our anger management courses believe that the way we handle anger is a learned behaviour...that our anger expression comes out of our anger experience. There are generally good, understandable (though not acceptable) reasons for handling anger in a way that intrusive to others and/or damaging to ourselves...we work to have participants understand their own behaviour, and develop good strategies that help them to be the person they truly know themselves to be. Our anger management programs are collectively referred to as "TDC--Turning Destructive into Constructive".

Individual Anger Management

A four hour course over at least two sessions for those who would benefit from one-on-one work because of a language barrier, different learning needs, or timing issues.

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Group Anger Management

We are currently not offering group anger management.

IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) TDC

The IPV version of TDC is offered on an individual basis over six hours...ten hours if you wish your partner to be included in the process to address the issues on a systemic level.

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For those who have mandated anger management, please plan ahead to ensure that you have made arrangements sufficiently in advance of the deadlines. If your anger management is court ordered, you may want to determine if our course will be sufficient to meet the requirements. Some people recognize they may require more significant intervention. Additional individual sessions as part of follow up can be an integral tool to fulfilling any mandated anger management and/or for your own personal development. Our basic TDC is not intended to be a course taken to address criminal charges for domestic/intimate partner violence.

Individual Anger Management

For those with alternate schedules, tight timelines, or special focus

4 hours total
spread over 2-4 sessions

Cost of registration:
$460.00 (either all paid at time of registration, or $240 paid at registration, $220 at first session)
*please note that there is a $10.00 surcharge for each hour which begins at 5:00 or later, and on weekends

This program allows the individual with exceptional circumstances to work through the material as outlined in the objectives in a personalized manner, allowing discussion to focus in helpful ways for that individual

Additional sessions available as needed at $110.00/$120.00 per session (including GST)