All for a Loveless Night


She spends her night alone
Crying for what he had done
Had broken her heart for good
Hardly believing that he could throw it ….
All for a loveless night
Only one careless night
He finds himself losing through it all
All for a loveless night

Steve Bell
All for a Loveless Night


There might be someone reading this, late at night, wondering…contemplating…feeling inexorably pulled… towards closeness with someone not your partner.

Wish I could have you see the gut wrenching pain you’ll likely be in, when you violate your own moral code, wrench the safety and trust you have with your partner that you will both struggle for years to regain.

The regret is painful to watch.

If you’re reading this, and you’re thinking about violating the vows of fidelity…think twice.  Please?

Talk to a friend, an uncle, a parent, a person of wisdom in your life.

Talk to a priest, rabbi, imam, or pastor.

Read a book.

Resolve not to make the final decision when you’ve had a few drinks.

Heck, even talk to a counsellor about what you’re contemplating.  Please?

What have you got to lose?

Only everything.


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