Daring to “Be”

The start of our “Perfectly Imperfect” group is approaching.  I would encourage you to register if you have been considering it and haven’t already done so.

Brené Brown has a hilarious sense of humor…sometimes so much so that you don’t realize the power of her message cuz it is almost hidden under the humour.

Almost.  But not quite.

The truth of her challenging us to become vulnerable with each other, and authentically connect with others as a way to be fully alive…to engage in “whole hearted living”…inspires me in my work as I see that live as truth in my office daily.

Listen to her TED talk this year…you may not have time for the whole thing…but the story she tells in the first few minutes is a form of a story that we can all tell.  We laugh because it’s funny…and we laugh because we can see ourselves tell the same story…with different details. We laugh because it’s true…and the pain of the truth is bittersweet as we hear someone talking about the painful realities of life…we laugh because we feel understood in about parts of ourselves we dare not expose.

Perfect Imperfect…we invite you to dare to be vulnerable with the group…with us.  We want it to be rich for you.

Perfect Imperfect is a group in Winnipeg for women struggling with low self esteem and perfectionism

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