Infidelity survivor group–Join us?

Poster advertising Bergen and Associates Counselling notifying the public of a group for those needing to process the betrayal of infidelity

The raw, savage pain of betrayal by one’s life partner is something that can hardly be witnessed.  Experiencing the pain of knowing that the one who committed his/her life to you was in the arms of another is something that can have a person feeling:


  • like one is going to literally “lose it”/”go crazy”
  • agitated, sleepless, at “wit’s end”
  • confused, seeking consolation from one’s partner one moment, pushing that partner away the next
  • lonely, foolish, wanting to run away with a sense of humiliation
  • angry, furious, wanting to throw or hit something (or even someone)
  • at a loss of how to go on, what to do, what to say, how to heal

It’s lonely to be in a long term relationship and experience the ultimate betrayal of infidelity.  Because of request of several, we are offering a group entitled, “I’m not alone”


“I’m not alone…I’m not the only one who’s been cheated on”

A group for men and women who have been in long term relationships and have experienced their partners disclosing an inappropriate relationship with another, and yet choose to stay in the relationship and work towards reconciliation.

A time

for sharing and support.

Deanna Carpentier, an experienced Marriage and Family Therapist, will lead discussion on topics that participants find significant.
Topics will be generated by the group and may include:
  • -dealing with the grief and anger of betrayal
  • -feeling at peace and confident with your decision to stay
  • -living with the reality of the broken trust…and contemplating how to rebuild
  • -the struggle to hold space for both anger/hurt and the love/reconciliation
  • -working to determine where forgiveness fits, and what that means


This group will meet 3 times on Thursdays, January  9, 16, and 23 from 8-9 pm.  
Fee is $90.00 total  
Group size will be between 3-6 people. 
 Bergen and Associates reserves the right to cancel if there is insufficient registration, with full refund of money.  50% refund greater than one week prior to the group, no refund with cancellation of less than one week’s notice.

This isn’t about solving problems, or finding solutions.  There is nothing simple about the pain of infidelity, and we won’t insult the pain by pretending that this is easy…so there will be no “5 simple steps towards…” or “3 ways to ….”.  It will be a space where painful stories can be witnessed, and those deeply wounded can know they are not alone.

Experiences will be shared, tears will be honoured, support will be mutual.

We recognize that there may be others who choose to leave the relationship after experiencing the hurt of infidelity…and upon request, we may run a group for you.  We also recognize the struggle of those who have been unfaithful: the struggle to deal with the violation of one’s own values, the confusion of moving forward, the guilt, and often, the mourning of a relationship left behind. That’s another group as well.  Sorry this won’t fit for everybody who has experienced infidelity, but we gotta start somewhere.

Registration is now open and we’d love for you to call us at 204 275 1045 and talk to us during business hours, leave a message in the evenings for us to call you the next business day or contact us via email.  It might take real courage to register, and be difficult to show up that first evening…but it will be good for you to know that you are not alone.


  • Dustin Waldner

    Hello, I would be willing to sign up for the “I’m not alone” group sessions. I read the dates are not current. However, are there dates coming up?


    • Carolyn Klassen

      Hi Dustin…You’re right, we offered this group a few years ago. At the current time, we don’t have another offering. However, I’ll let our office know that you have expressed interest and we may consider offering it again! Thanx for your interest. Sorry it isn’t available for you now.

      • Dustin Waldner

        Thank you for responding. Could you, or your organization recommend if other groups exist in Winnipeg?


  • Trying To Heal

    I would very much be interested in a group like this. Can you let me know if you start one or if there’s somewhere else that is offering one? Thanks!

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