Is Michael McCain married? His wife is a lucky woman. This is the Michael McCain who is responsible for Maple Leaf foods, the company that recently was the focus of media attention for people eating bad meat with huge consequences.

I was listening to yet another one of the endless round of year end programs reviewing the best and the worst of 2008. They get a little tiring after a while.
This one caught my ear. The interviewee labelled the “apology of 2008” as the one given by Michael McCain. The fellow said that Michael ignored the concerns of the lawyers and the accountants and gave a heartfelt apology that expresed regret and apologized for the error.

Wouldn’t it be an interesting world if people were able to really be vulnerable and transparent with apologies? I heard the other day that Maple Leaf has settled with the families and they will likely have money by summer 09-an unheard of brief period before compensation is received.

The interviewee stated that research is finding out that apologizing thoroughly, accepting responsibility and expressing regret very clearly works. Imagine that.

Apparently, although it freaks out the lawyers, it is becoming apparent that the possibilities of litigation actually decrease when there is a heartfelt apology.

It is hard to apologize if you’re not used to it. It takes vulnerability, and courage, and an inner strength that has one know that to admit fault does not diminish you as a person. Apologizing takes practice. At the practice, apologies can be a critical factor in successful couple therapy after infidelity, a broken promise, or hurting the spouse in some way. Witnessing these moments are powerful.
Did you mess up lately? Do something ’bout it!

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