Marshmellovid-19 poem. A whimsical reminder to stay home

Marshmallovid-19 Virus

The province has further tightened restrictions as COVID-19 numbers are rising to an alarming extent. The call to stay home is loud and clear.

But stopping activities now for future lower numbers–well, it’s hard.

Really hard to put off the fun now for the future better.


  • the marshmallow on the plate is a visit with a friend/movie/chance to go out these days
  • you are the child gazing at the marshmallow
  • the second promised marshmallow–if you wait–is lower cases, hospitalizations and death
It’s sooooo hard to wait when you want what you want right now!

It’s not easy for those kids to hold off on what they want now to wait for the goodness that can happen is it?

Not easy for us adults either!

Stay home and stay safe!

The Marshmallovid-19 Poem

The marshmallow test is a bit of a quirk
It’s a process of waiting for a wonderful perk.
If you eat the treat now, rather than wait
The marshmallow in front doesn’t receive its due mate
If you wait--you get two, if you don’t--you get one
But waiting is hard, and no kind of fun
One marshmallow now, or two in a bit
The woman now leaves and we watch the kids sit.
They stare and they squirm, they squirm and they stare
They wriggle and jiggle and squiggle their chair.
The marshmallow beckons—just a small nibble
Their internal dialogue is one massive quibble
They strain and they struggle to hold off on a bite
Their internal struggle is a tremendous big fight.
A corner just begs a wee little bite
The temptation is strong and creates quite a plight
The sweet scent of it calls out his or her name
The wait for two becomes too tough of a game
Some give in, and miss the chance of the prize
The early consumption is the demise
Of a dream of two mallows, all soft and sweet
There’s no second marshmallow yummy to eat
The cost of not waiting for the fun ahead
Means the prize is short lived, and the joy has stopped dead
Those who put off the fun till the lady comes back,
Have the joy and the fun of the prize to attack.
By now you might know this sweet rhyme is about
The virus, precautions, and the hard stuff now out
Our need to stay home fights with our need to connect
Viral safeguards get lost in our push to intersect
Social distancing and masks are hard to endure
All the space from each other is tough, to be sure.
Makes staying at home a very hard sell
Stores and shops need us to buy stuff as well
Restaurants are struggling, Bars need purchase of drinks,
The decision to go can be made in two winks
The need for a hug, an embrace with your mom
A chat with a friend or a flick with your chum.
Hair roots going grey and the skates are unused
All appeals to go out are to be kindly refused
We’re itching to play, have fun and be entertained
Staying at home all the time leaves us all feeling drained
We wired to connect, we belong to each other
The truth of it is, we need one another
It’s hard to postpone the joy and delight
It’s hard to stay home, night after night.
The draw to go out is as strong as could be
It’s vital to know that “stay home” is the key
The payoff can be only fourteen days from right now
The challenge to stay home must be accomplished somehow
Now adults are finding that waiting is tough!
The painful enduring will complete soon enough.
Waiting is hard as the kids have now shown,
It doesn’t get easier when we are full grown.
The stakes are so high, actual lives are at stake
Our choice to go out needs to have a firm break.
To save lives, we stay home and we postpone our reward:
Our goal of saved lives that we’ve all worked toward.
The delay of our pleasure isn’t easy or fun
One day this will finish, the virus’ll be done
In the meantime, we be kind, comfort and uplift
Those who need help, knowing life is our gift.

Poem by Carolyn Klassen

Stay home everyone, stay home.

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.

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