The Hidden Special

I unloaded this mug from the dishwasher yet again, today:

When we first got married, and combined two household into one, we had two sets of silverware, two sets of dishes, two sets of cake pans–and two sets of mugs.

We packed up about half of our combined kitchen things in boxes, anticipating that our Junior Tribe Members could use some of our castoffs in the years to come.

Husband said I could pick what I wanted in the kitchen. We both work work a lot in the kitchen but it was a beautiful tradeoff as I was moving into his house.

Obviously, the above mug did NOT make the grade and it was put in the storage box to be put in the shed. Husband came by and plucked this puppy outta the box and put it back in the shelf. It was his favorite mug, he said.

Take a look–what about it would suggest that it was special in any way?

Turns out, he loves this mug for what he sees–and what he sees is really long gone. This mug actually is a photo mug, given to him by a team he coached. They would have each contributed a looney or a toonie and put picture of the team on this mug.

When he uses this mug, he remembers this team. He looks fondly back on coaching his sons and their friends. Husband remembers their gratitude and the care that the team (likely a mom or dad) took to give him a thank-you gift. He remembers this particular team so fondly and using this mug reminds him of this team.

It’s one more reason I love Husband–when he loves things, it’s not because of how beautiful they are, but because of the story they tell of relationships in his life.

Those 12 year olds are now 22. I suspect they wouldn’t even remember that they gave him this mug. They likely would remember “Mr. Klassen” because he made playing on his team fun.

These athletes couldn’t know how their extremely faded images on a mug still are an important part of Husband’s life.

During this season of Thanksgiving, this mug has reminded me to hold on tight to the people who make my life special, to be grateful for all those who have reminded me of who I am, and who have given me joy.

Life is not about the stuff. It’s about the beautify of the people around us.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

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