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Self Kindness at Christmas

The holiday season can be a difficult time…in our rush to make it “perfect” for our loved ones, we run ourselves ragged trying to get everything ready, and start trashing ourselves for not doing it right, or not doing enough…and ironically, as we get stressed out, it affects the experience of those around us…sabotaging the efforts we’ve made.

A 2013 study earlier explored what kids want most from their parents.


  • allowance?
  • quality time?
  • stuff?

Nope…(drum roll please).

They wanted their parents to be less stressed and less tired.

Choose Joy! In playful letters on simple poster of a red lit candle

Make no mistake…the developmental stage of children has them thinking about their stressed parents in a way that is quite narcissistic.

Quite simply, less stressed and more relaxed parents have:

  • a greater sense of humour,
  • find the quirks and bumps of everyday living something they can roll with rather than explode over
  • are more creative and imaginative when things don’t go well…so things are more likely to be turned into something ok or even fun rather than a melt down
  • more energy to make snowmen, read a story while cuddling, and not rush a child through the ordinary (but special) moments of the day’s routine

What would it be like this Christmas to relax and enjoy the season, to…

  • get less done, but have more fun
  • shop less, but give of our presence more
  • stress less, but have a richer experience.
  • have less kinds of baking at Christmas dinner, but to relish the deliciousness of family together
  • drink less alcohol, and to wake up the next morning ready to enjoy the day?

Poster for fridge by Bergen and Associates counselling promoting a sane, authentic, and imperfect Christmas

Available in free printable to download and print in COLOR and BLACK AND WHITE. May I suggest printing off a copy this holiday season to post on your fridge as a reminder to maintain your sanity, and mebbe even capture your joy?
And…if after the Christmas season, this “perfectionist” bug that is stubborn to get rid of still persists…send us an email and make an appointment?  Self kindness isn’t easy for many of us, but it is an admirable goal to work towards! We’d love to help!


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