Hump Day Nudge: You don’t have to try

Watching and listening and gazing into the eyes of the women in this video chokes me…it narrows my throat, and tears well up…I feel a knot when I swallow.  Somehow this video says something deep and profound and wonderful and beautiful…

Don’t a lot of us try hard to be who we think others want us to be?

Don’t a lot of us decide we need a certain image and try hard to fit that image?

Don’t a lot of us look around and try to be like the others?

Colbie Caillet reminds us that we don’t have to try so hard.

you don

It is true that some in this world will judge you on how you fit in, how you conform, and if your lipstick matches your shoes.

The question is if you will choose to listen and put weight on that critique.

When you show up in life as yourself…to live fully and authentically…that’s something that is priceless. Just getting up…showing up and being fully alive…and knowing you are accepted and valued by those who matter in your life…that releases you from trying so hard.

And frees you to embrace your life.

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