I hate vulnerability too!

We all do.

Therapists explore matters with clients all the time that, when discussed, are deeply exposing and revealing of deep parts of the client.

Some clients come in…ready to let a stranger-therapist in on those deep, hidden parts, because as hard as it is to talk to a stranger, it is infinitely easier to do it in a therapist’s office that with a close friend, a family member, or a spouse.

Some clients come in…and hating to talk about those areas they keep from anyone else’s knowledge…and take their time deciding if they will…

‘cuz vulnerability is hard, its gross, its uncomfortable

But (insert big sigh here)…being vulnerable brings about joy, creativity, love…it brings quite simply…life.

So…vulnerability is hard, but around our office, we have watched it happen enough and experienced it ourselves enough to know that vulnerability is worth it

(Doesn’t that sound all noble and pretentious on my part?!) 😉

So…a while back we had a work “party”…it was intended to be fun, and it was fun…

but the anticipation of it was SO NOT…because of the vulnerability of the task.

Please…take a peek at what the team at Bergen and Associates Counselling learned.  It’s one thing to watch client be vulnerable, it’s another thing to be plunged together into an crucible-type experience of exposure, risk and challenge to be creative in front of respected peers and future artwork-observers. This was no academic exercise…it was a shared experience of vulnerability between us…with an ongoing constant reminder present that we walk by each day…

with heightened awareness and respect of what each of our clients does every time they walk into one of our counselling offices for a session.


Clients…we salute you.

We honor your willingness to be open with us, to emerge from hiddenness to allow yourselves to connect with us, to invite us into your lives to work with you as we facilitate you being able to have better connections with others.

It’s not easy…but you do it anyway…as a vote for connection, life, joy, and love.

Your decision to walk into a session to talk about the tough stuff is something that inspires us in ways you’ll never know.


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