You’re beautiful!

I was surfing today and came across two pieces of info back to back.  The first was this*…beautiful portraiture capturing beauty, not as the modelling world might see it, but as it truly is…the expression of joy, exuberance, loveliness, and “the sparkle” in a person’s eye as they laugh.:



The second was this, advising dads, tongue in cheek, about what to say and do to give their daughters eating disorders.  Marta, the author, points out that fathers are the single most important factor in the confidence a daughter has about her body.

May you recognize your own beauty today.

Wildly convinced you are uncommonly beautiful is a quote from Karen Walrond also known as Chookooloonks

May you dads acknowledge the beauty of your daughter today, and may they catch you being respectful towards true beauty in the larger world.


*This posted on  a blog by Kim Hohman, called Upworthy, a blog designed to find joy and delight on the internet…Check it out!
*The photographer of the video is chookooloonks by Karen Walward, who blogs her message that she is “wildly convinced you are uncommonly beautiful”.

Both of these sites are “energy-fillers”…so mebbe bookmark them when you might need a boost?


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