Community–The value of “me too”

Brené Brown was on the brand new Katie show last week…she was great in encouraging folks to dare greatly to be authentically themselves.

Jenny Lawson, blogger and author…and sufferer of anxiety…opened the door to a candid look at her anxiety through her writing.  That took courage.  She didn’t want to create a “false history” that suggested her life was just laughter and humour.  She was shocked by how many people who came forward in response to her candour to say, “Me too”.


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Jenny’s honesty had folks come forward to say that because of the community that was created, their desire to die lessened.  They empowered each other…once they knew others  felt similarly terrified as they, they encouraged each other to dare greatly and dare bravely to prevail and work through their fears.

The community that can happen when someone hears another share deeply and vulnerably and is able to say “me too” is profound.

“Me too”…two simple words that can change a life.

That’s one of the huge reasons we are offering the course, “Perfect Imperfect”…to allow women to empower each other, to know they are not alone, to be able to support each other through the bond of common brave vulnerability that will change lives…women who feel like they have to do enough, be enough…and feel like they come up disasterously short.

Join us, won’t you?


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