I’ve got sunshine…

…on a cloudy day.

Friends supporting another friend in grief even years after the loss is profound and meaningful, giving life to an otherwise dreary day.

A dear friend remembers my loss years later with daisies that show up at my door annually. Bright, pure, innocent daisies that tell me she understands my grief that lingers years later. Beautiful, alive daisies that tells me she cares, and remembers. Daisies that have showed up at my door during years when she was unemployed and strapped for cash. One year, daisies appeared at my door, sent by her the day before she got married. Daisies that have shown up on my door annually on this day, sometimes on sunny and cloudy days. But always on those days, my soul is cloudy and these daisies bring a welcome dose of hope that feels a little like warm sunshine.

Loyal acts of friendship mean so much…it’s profound to know one is being thought about by others.

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