It’s OK for a warrior to seek help

Yesterday’ America’s Got Talent show had an act that auditioned for it that caught my ear. I love a capella singing at the best of times, but this one melted me.

It’s not easy to be a military veteran, trying to assimilate back into North American culture after having witness the atrocities of war, after being in an environment of constant danger for months on end, after having to make life and death decisions in a split second, after being apart from all the comforts of home and exposed to conditions of people living in extreme poverty and oppression. A lot of veterans struggle with aculturating once they get back home…some of them more visibly then others. New Directions is a homeless shelter in Los Angeles which specifically serves the homeless veteran.

A group of veterans from that organization formed a choir–they have successfully fought back from homelessness. In response to the question,

“What do you hope to achieve by appearing on America’s Got Talent”, their spokesperson stated:

We want to let all the other people know, all of the other
veterans, especially the active duty armed forces
that it’s OK for a warrior to seek help.


(The comment is at about the three minute mark)

This group is inspiring and magical…caught a lump in my throat listening to them, enjoying their music, and celebrating their triumph.

What the experience at “America’s Got Talent” means to them is:

What it means to us, is that there was a period of time
where you might not wanted to see us coming. But the fact is now…This shows what change can do , and that
people can change.

I think their group would agree that it’s not only OK for a warrior to seek help, but

  • it’s also OK for the self-sufficient business executive to seek help,
  • it’s OK for the tough auto-mechanic to seek help, it’s OK for the tough-as-nails climb-to-the-top ambitious female lawyer,
  • it’s OK for the mother of 3 preschoolers who has trouble finding a moment to herself, and
  • it’s OK for all those who-want-help-but-are-concerned-it-will-have-them-seem-weak-or-whiny to seek help.

It’s hard to seek help, but if it’s OK for warriors, it can be OK for you, too.


If you need help, it’s OK to seek it.

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