Being Treasured–The dream of every Cinderella

There is a little bit of Cinderella in each of us…a part that feels a little ugly, but earnestly wants to be treasured–to be highly valued by those we value.

For those of you who are parents, watch this video to be reminded of the importance of treasuring each moment with your child. Remind yourself of the delight you have in enjoying the simple moments of the day with your child..and share that delight with your child…this will be a rare and precious gift that you can lavish on your child. Every child loves to be the apple of a parent’s eye. Know that it takes conscious effort to be fully present to enjoy the energy of a child at the end of a long day–but when you are able to value the moment–to laugh at the silliness, console a child’s sadness, or to calm a fear, you capture the very essence of all the best it is to be a parent.

For those of you who have a little corner of you that, in a simple childlike way, just want to feel loved, listen and feel the love of the father for his children in this song. Feel it for yourself, and picture that song is being sung about you. Many who read this will be among those who long to feel incredibly special for someone.

Know that you are special and valued today.


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