listen to the beat

Listen to the beat…

Deep exhale. I can finally share the news I’ve held inside for a while:

I’m gonna be a grandma!

I’m really good at holding confidences. I do it for a living. It’s a given in the therapy field that most of what goes in my ears never comes outta my mouth.

I don’t tell other people what I’ve heard.

A long time ago, I got used to just not sharing when people share deep, important, profound things with me. I don’t even think about it anymore.

However, I got a little gift on Mother’s Day that wasn’t for broader sharing at the time. I bit my tongue for a looooong time. It is my kids’ news to share, so it was my responsibility to keep quiet until they shared their pregnancy with the world–but I’ll fully admit that not telling anyone wasn’t easy!

Now I can announce the news to the world!!

I was over at my grandbaby’s house the other day, and asked the baby’s mom if I could have a little visit with my newest favorite little person. She obliged and put the doppler on her belly.

(You can order these things on Amazon and have one at home to listen everyday–amazing. I used to wait all month for this at the doctor’s office when I was expecting.)

I heard the little my grandbaby’s heartbeat, strong and steady–and beautiful!

And I fell in love.

This is the sound of new life, new love, new adventures, new dreams

Listen to the sound that will change my life, our family’s life, forever:

This is the sound of a heart with whom my own heart has fallen in love.

This will change the rhythm of our lives for ever.

The best Mother’s Day gift ever–ahem, Grandmother’s Day gift actually! 🙂

**One very important note: Even as I write these words, and invite you to share in my celebration, I am acutely aware of the women who long to be able to hear a little heartbeat inside of them and ache that it hasn’t happened. I have heard the sorrow of women who long to become a grandma and because of heartbreak in the family of one kind or another, know it will never happen.
Your pain and longing matters. I want you to know that I don’t want to increase your pain because of my joy. I will be writing occasionally about this newest experience in my life periodically and always I will be aware of how others so wish for what is happening in our family. It is not my intention to cause you pain.


  • Heidi Henkelman

    Being an Oma is one of the most marvellous things in life!!!

  • Brenda Skene

    Congratulations, Carolyn and your family.

  • Betty Rempel

    So happy for you Carolyn! It is amazing to be an Oma, Grandma, whatever you call it! Congrats to your parents as well! It is a special Blessing to be a great grandparent.

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