Hump Day Nudge: National Hug Day

January 21st is National Hug Day

Today is National Hug Day:

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Tips for Hugging:

  1. A lot of people would love a hug…and rarely get hugging opportunities.  Be generous with offering hugs–you’ll be surprised how many people will take you up on your offer! Many people don’t get a lot of hugs in their lives and have a skin hunger that longs to be met with a hug.
  2. Offer to give a hug rather than just going in for the squeeze suddenly.  Some folks very legitimately have touch issues…and uninvited touch can feel intrusive.  Being asked for a hug may be essential to being able to receive one.  Being provided with the opportunity of choice for physical touch makes receiving the touch of a hug possible–and perhaps even redemptive.  Others would prefer not to hug and being able to tell you that is important. Don’t take offence when a person declines a hug…it says something important about what they need to feel safe in their bodies. 
  3. A hug is a cooperative venture that is co-created by the huggers–let the other person help define what the hug looks like. Enjoy the hug…but be attuned to “reading” the other person about how long it lasts and how close the hug is. 

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