Hump Day Nudge: You Don’t Have to Walk Alone

It's a long and winding road... but you don't have to walk alone. A quote by K.H Schneider

I love a cappella music…voices blending together in beautiful harmony just melts me.

There’s something about voices giving beauty to each other. When a voice finds its pitch in relationship to others, well…that seems exquisite to me. Voices supporting each other, adding to the others by their own unique contribution.

In a cappella music, each voice is distinct and vital and essential…and the sum of the whole is so much greater than its parts.

And music sung without any instruments, save the ones on the end of the arms–well, the rhythm of the hands only further adds to the whole.

(and the coordination, well, it. blows. me. away. …how do they do it?)

So, here, filmed in a single take, is a little tune that I just know will make your day–it made mine!

This song talks about the magic that happens when a person thinks of a loved one…it makes the journey more do-able.  Thinking of a loved one lifts your spirits when down. Thinking of a loved one helps a person find their way.

If you’re thinking of a loved one right now who helps you to “not walk alone”…because you keep them in your heart no matter where you are…send them a text right now…and let ’em know.  Let’em know how s/he lifts your spirits!

Or tweet them.  #IDontHaveToWalkAlone

Treasure those who walk with you…and show them some loooove.   🙂

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