Understanding Mental Illness

Mental illness quote to break down the stigma by Glenn Close. Poster made by Bergen and Associates People with mental illness are more likely to have violence done to them, than to be violent themselves.

Glenn Close knows mental illness up close and personal. She’s determined to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness.

This is personal for Glenn Close.

Her sister, Jessie Close, has struggled with mental illness to the point where it seemed to her that suicide was the route to go…and she told her sister what she was thinking.

Her nephew, Calen, has schizophrenia.  He has spent 2 years in a hospital. He now lives in the community with his wife, Meg.  He’s gentle, has this great sense of humour, and is deeply loved–because he is loveable.

Ms. Close has joined with her family as part of BringChange2Mind.org to create a powerful message, blasting through the stereotypes:

Join the Close family in blowing up the stereotypes in understand that folks with a mental illness diagnoses are very ordinary, normal, no-big-deal kind of people. The are eating and sleeping and working and going about their day.

And they are very extraordinary, special, loved people as each person is.


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