Perfectly Imperfect-Join us?

Nadia Sawaya and I recently had a conversation about the Perfectly Imperfect Group that she led last fall. She spoke about the power of community…of women speaking honestly into each other’s lives in ways that were life changing.

To love another another human in all of her splendor and imperfect perfection , it is a magnificent task...tremendous and foolish and human quote by Louise Erdrich

In the final group, the women spoke with each other about how little and big things had happened that week in their lives…stories of their lives that had happened differently because of how they


  • think about themselves differently,
  • see circumstances differently, and
  • have tools to understand events in their lives in ways that feel less painful and more authentic
  • feel differently about themselves.

Nadia was profoundly moved by the shifts that were occurring in the lives of the women.  Talking with others about that which drives a person to strive for inevitable disappointment by “setting the bar” impossibly high does something to a woman.


Does something good.

The next group starts February 27. Join Nadia?  Invite the power of authenticity and vulnerability of relationship into your life?





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