Espy…growing, growing, and yup, growing some more

Espy is knocking our socks off.  I realize she isn’t the first amaryllis to grow in the manner she has, but she’s ours, and she’s the one we watch…and she’s amazing.

She grew from 41.6 last week to a stunning 59.5 cm in 7 days.

Thats about 18 cm in a week.

More than 2.5 cm per day.

On Friday I took a picture of her bud first thing in the morning, and then mid-afternoon…and there was a small difference visible in the photos…part of the bud had emerged from the outer bud leaves about half a centimetre. Wow.

The below picture… the bud is the difference from Wednesday to Friday.  The bottom two pics are the difference from one Friday to the next.

Espy, the resident amaryllis at Bergen and Associates Counselling in Winnipeg is growing steadily

She’s given us a pleasant boost…folks like to watch her and see how she’s doing.  We’re crossing our fingers that she’ll be ready for Christmas!

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