Espy’s hope grows!

Espy’s, our resident symbol of hope, continues to be in our face with her cheerful optimism…she has once again almost doubled in size…she’s over 22 cm now…growing more than a centimetre and a half per day.  When folks see her after being out of the office for a couple of days, there is a visible difference in her size.  Her leaves are strong and green….and

…her flower bud has poked through.

Espy, the amaryllis we have adopted to inspire us with hope is growing well and has started a floral bud at Bergen and Associates Counselling in Winnipeg manitoba

It is bare-but-definitely-there, that little flower bud.

There was a time when her leaves were growing, but there was no sign of the coming flower…we gave Espy a few days to sun herself on the filing cabinet in one of our offices near the window.  When she sits on the administration desk in the main office, she gets no direct light.

I won’t know for sure if that made the difference, but her bud appeared right after those days near the window.

We all crave a little sunshine in our lives, don’t we?

It may be that if we spread a little sunshine in someone’s life when we cross paths…that it may be the only sunshine they get all day.

And sunshine makes the world a little warmer and a little friendlier for all of us.

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