Espy…an oasis

Our resident friend, Esperance…Espy for short…and hope in meaning and inspiration continues to grow!

She has doubled in height in the last week…it’s fun to walk into the office after the weekend away and be surprised by the visible change in her growth.  She’s now 12.6 cm…in three weeks.

Bergman and Assocites Counseling has a plant growing in our office to remind us of hope and growth in the midst of winter.

Our staff had a party last weekend…a post about our adventures that evening is coming up shortly…we had fun–we laughed, and joked, and munched, and sipped, and fussed, and supported each other, and gave each other ideas, and encouraged each other…it was a blast.

It was an oasis in the midst of a storm…literally…because it was storming that night hard with a ton of snow bringing the city to its knees that night.  It was also an oasis of fun in the midst of the work we do…where we listen and hold space for stories of heartbreak and heaviness, and witness and facilitate growth in the midst of disconnection and alienation.  We connected…and it was good.

And life continued this week as we spent another week being honored by those who share their lives with us as clients–we continue to be daily humbled by the ways in which our clients dare bravely as they seek to connect with others, and grow themselves.  We spent another week living our own lives…a beloved elderly pet died, a relationship continues to be strained and broken, parents continue to age and struggle.  

And Espy, in her own small and understated way, trudged on and grew.  She’s green and vibrant, and silently but inexorably gets bigger daily.  We gave her a weekend by the window to bless her with some more direct sunshine than she gets on the desk…because we watch her grow…and she reminds us that life goes on, it moves forward.  

In the middle of the storm, there is life.

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