L’il Espy

A big snowfall may be coming on outside…the driving is gonna be rough, our world will be white until spring, it’s gonna be tricky to get around for months…but Espy reminds us that there is hope. 

There is life.

There is goodness.

There is beauty…

…even in the midst of a cold dark season…but we have to look for the beauty…or sometimes even do our part to create it.

Esperance, our French speaking amaryllis, is growing…she’s 6.3 cm today…up from 2.3 cm only a week ago. We’ve all taken out turn gently pulling apart her two outer leaves to peak inside…to see four more!  Six sprouting leaves…green and baby lush.

Espy, our winter amaryllis is growing in our office, even amidst the cold and darkness of the season

Around our office…we are still in the midst of difficult seasons…one watches her nephew live even as his body prepare itself for death; another has a relative that has begun to eat a bit again…but for how long?; another has a significant relationship hang in the balance; another waits for further tests…we’re OK…but we’re waiting and watching, and anticipating grief…and grieving some already.

And Espy, our amaryllis friend, smiles in all her greenness, not removing the pain or stress of the days, but giving us something to “ooh” and “aaahh” about, in a way that gives a snippet of goodness.

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