Who will love me for me?

I’ve been in the listening-to-people’s-hearts business for years…and I love it. Everyone is different and has unique perspectives and challenges…but underlying so many conversations I have with people is the question, “Who will love me for me?”


Who will love me for me?

Not for what I have done or for what I will become

Who will love me for me?

JJ Heller

In a 1000 different ways, I have heard people wonder aloud if they are truly lovable, if they are worthy, if when they have been treated badly, it is proof that they are not lovable, if they are broken, messed up, ugly, repulsive, just not worth it. It’s hard to apply for a job, hard to extend love, hard to tackle the challenges of the day when the basic question of “Who will love me for me?” isn’t answered. It creates havoc in a marriage when either or both spouses are convinced the other is pulling away, is less than completely loving, is loving unconditionally. People change when they are feeling on shaky ground in the love department…they become anxious, try too hard, pull away, get stressed and irritable, stop trying.


Slow down, take a deep breath. Listen to the voice deep inside…really deep. And dare to talk about it with someone who you think cares and loves you.  It’s too hard to spend your lifetime wondering and feeling like you don’t have the answer…Ask yourself if you can identify with the chorus:



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