Challenge Met!

Very little gives a high like succeeding at something that is a challenge.

We have a saying around the office: “Robyn sez”…our interior designer is fabulous…amazing how I can be in s space and not see something that she does…moving a chair here, or changing something over there and voila, it’s better! So. knowing she knows waaaay more about this stuff that we do, we just followed her orders when we had her over as part of setttling in, in the new office.

Robyn sez we have to move the printer over 15 feet. That would be 15 feet farther away from the internet hookup thingy in the wall (you can already tell, that this project is beyond me, that I don’t know the proper name for whatever the internet hookup thingy is). That would be 15 feet farther away from the fax line, and such. The printer is hooked in with the phone line and the internet for wireless printing. Then there’s the MTS box and the modem (is that what they call it?).

Deep breath.

So…I tried to figger out how I was going to get this thing done…and gave up doing that on my own. Gary, the half hamburger sharing guy, came over and drew a diagram. It involved long cords going through the ceiling and getting splitters and rearranging the plugs and the cords and how everything fit together.

The diagram made it look “do-able”…went from over whelming to simply a challenging project.

Got the proper cords and splitters and Friday after all the clients left, we got to work (have I mentioned that Melanie forgets this is a day job?)

I used a broom handle with the cords taped to the end to thread it through the suspended ceiling. We used the diagram to figure out what to plug where. Up the ladder. Down the ladder. Up the ladder. Down the ladder. Repeat.

Self esteem improves when meeting a difficult challenge and succeeding at it.

Then I realized I had two fifty food cords that were where they were supposed to be through the ceiling, and the one end, they both looked the same…and I hadn’t labelled them, so I didn’t know which was which. And I taped them together, so pulling on one on one end to see which one jerked on the other end wasn’t going to work.


Then…we turned it on…and it didn’t work. Sigh. Switched those two 50 foot cords that I didn’t know “which was which” around. Still didn’t work.

Three long phone calls with my new systems manager…and he and I figured it out. It worked!!

Went home at 9:30 that night…worked late, but felt good. Had something concrete to show for that day…challenged myself with something I didn’t know how to do…got some help, and allowed myself extra time to try and retry. Success feels good…even if it just moving a printer over 15 feet. Doesn’t look like a big deal…but I know what a success it was for us!

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