Spring and New Beginnings

I love spring. It is my favoritest time of year, without a doubt. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and “firsts”…let me tell you about some.

Then, today I was at our new Smith Street location, getting it ready. The office, as you can see in the “before ” picture to the left, was painted in a vibrant tangerine red, which while beautifully vibrant in some settings, just didn’t seem conducive to therapy.


The interior designer suggested a soft beige go on that wall. To say I was “concerned” about painting a light color on top of that red was understated. But the good people at Benjamin Moore put out this paint which is guaranteed to cover anything with 2 coats. The picture on the right is the “after picture” just after the first coat. Amazing coverage!!

The furniture needs to be put in place, and the pictures and shelving need to be hung, but it’s already looking great. The place has this urban warehouse feel to it–the far wall is good old fashioned solid brick–that feels relaxed and sophisticated all at the same time. We are going to be ready for the beginning of May, right on schedule!

After painting, I came home, realizing that despite the rain, I had better do something about the yard…I was thrilled to find the trees budding, and after the layers of leaves were raked up in the front garden, there were little tiny shoots pushing up from the ground. The barely-but-definitely-there shoots were SO exciting to see. One of my favorite sights of all time, really.

Other firsts too–first baseball throwing session (we won’t talk about that too much–I’m a funny picture in trying not to close my eyes while I’m catching it–makes for fairly ineffective ball catching) and the first barbecue of the season. But mostly, the buds and shoots caught my eye. Our logo, which you see on our website is a seed growing from the mud and dirt…a metaphor for how painful and difficult relationships/ experiences provide opportunities for growth.


I’m exited about this next season…as the earth comes alive in newness and freshness. It invigorates me to see the buds–the potential of life just waiting to happen. I’m excited about the next months at Bergen and Associates–as the potential of new therapists and a new location gives us greater potential to help people see the possibilities of new life for themselves.

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