A Different Kind of Love Song

One of the wonderful parts of my life is the chance to see couples come in and work through stuff…couples committed and in love with each other. Couples who have a connection with each other that has them decide to work on things, because not working on them is not an option.

Couples who are committed to each other who extend grace who receive mercy who engage in the struggle to forgive who pull in the same direction who don’t ask if it will work, but how it will work who wink at the other, choosing not to scowl who wrestle with the tough stuff, to make something good even better who have every plan of growing old together.

Having the opportunity to witness that makes me shiver, all the way down to my toes, with joy. That why this song brings tears to my eyes.

Walking her home

by Mark Schulz

Let me know if you can watch without tearing up!

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