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Let's be real. Seeing a counsellor usually is not most people's idea of a great time. Before seeing a therapist, a person has often been mulling it over for a long time... sometimes they've had someone pushing them into it for some time (never a comfortable position for either).

In most situations concerns around what a person doesn’t know can be the biggest hurdle to scheduling an appointment. Things like who to see, what it will be like, if they will be undertstood, if they will be pushed too hard to talk about issues that are too personal or painful – let us assure you – Conexus Counselling will work diligently to alleviate all of these concerns starting at the moment you call or email us.

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19. Jun

June 18th

Dear Little Ones, Yesterday, it was exactly a quarter century since I last heard your heart beats. It is exactly 25 years ago today that my world fell in and blew apart; simultaneously imploding and exploding. No heart beats one morning. Later that day, when I held you, you were both impossibly perfect, even in …
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17. Jun

Putting my Brave on

I'm a total self-professed TED and TEDx geek...I love all things TED(x). Talking at TEDxWinnipeg was a dream come true when I didn't even have that as a realistic dream. That made the TEDx talk that I did this week completely and ridiculously intimidating for me, considering that I speak regularly at all sorts of events. …
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