Most therapists have been to therapy…remember what it was like waiting in the waiting room prior to your appointment? The first session of counselling is often fraught with anxiety, fears, tension and nerves.

At Bergen and Associates, we believe the therapeutic encounter starts when people look at our website, continues while the appointment is made via phone/email, and also in the waiting room prior to the appointment. Soft colours, a fountain, an up-to-date bulletin board of quotes and current events in the community, and current magazines are designed to help a new client feel less anxious

A beautifully designed picture book intended for the waiting room of a counselling/therapy office is an important feature of this waiting room. The book is written in the first person, as the therapist speaking to the client. (e.g. "I'm glad you're here")

The book contains 26 beautiful nature scenes and for those who may be too nervous or agitated to read, the pictures alone evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility. The book contains 26 pages of photos and words affirming the client for their courage, acknowledging their vulnerability, some teaching about collaboration between therapist and client, normalizing anxiety and vulnerability, and validating the courage that they are demonstrating by showing up and being seen at a first therapy session.

The book has received rave reviews by other therapists at a national conference, and by our own clients who have been field-testing it for several months. It is a book from you for your clients to begin the relationship while they are waiting for their first session to start.

  • It begins to establish therapeutic relationship on entering the office
  • It explains and familiarizes the process of therapy
  • It normalizes anxiety and validates vulnerability while also highlighting courage (which may be under-recognized by the client)


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