Master of Arts in Counselling

Dielle Driedger holds a Master of Arts in Counselling. After completing the internship for her degree at Conexus Counselling, she is delighted to be returning to work with new and returning clients.


Dielle has a passion for working with individuals from all walks of life. Each person has their own unique experiences, strengths, challenges, and goals. Dielle is committed to partnering with each individual to discover the path of healing that is right for them, with empathy and acceptance. She works hard to develop a strong connection with each client and to respect their experiences and knowledge about themselves. She values all aspects of wellbeing - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual and cares about wholeness and connection in all areas of life. Her counselling approach is informed by attachment based therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy, and feminist therapy using trauma-informed practices and always in consideration of a client’s goals, needs, and preferences. Some of the areas Dielle has worked in include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, faith shifts, parenting, and grief.


Before joining the counselling profession, Dielle and her family spent a number of years living and working in Europe. This experience gave her a new appreciation for the diversity of cultures and backgrounds in the world and the importance of taking the time to understand a person’s culture and life experiences. In her free time Dielle likes to read, craft, travel, hang out with friends and family, and discover new coffee shops.





Dielle Driedger