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The Daring Way™ is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. The method was developed to help men, women, and adolescents learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives. The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills and developing a courage practice that transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead.

Carolyn Klassen is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (CDWF) and offers Daring Greatly™ and Rising Strong™ and Dare to Lead™ seminars knowing that we do our best healing and growing when we surrounded by people on the same journey.

We are currently planning workshops around the following themes, using material from Daring Greatly and Rising Strong specifically craft for people who find themselves in similar experiences:

"Help me! I'm getting in my own way"

Getting out of your way to be able to really shine. If you're noticing that you stop yourself from being able to reach your full potential, then come. Some of us are our own worst enemy, and we can't figure out how to stop that. This workshop will give you tools to move from being an enemy of yourself to a cheerleader.

Moving through the grief of the death of an immediate family member

The loss of an immediate family member changes a person's world. Every moment of every day feels confusing and "out of sorts"--that feeling of "being lost" is real and discombobulating. The pain of the loss can seem overwhelming. Finding a way through the loss by feeling the longing for who's gone, while also navigating how to live in the present is the dual challenge of those who are grieving. Carolyn will guide you through a process where you will have a chance to tell your story on your own and with others, process that story, and re-member that story in a way that is encouraging and empowering. Listen to the wisdom of others, and you'll likely also be surprised how sharing your experience will be powerful for others.

Perfectionists Unite! (To find out a better way)

The pressure that some feel to look perfect, act perfect, and be perfect as a way of moving through the world is overwhelming and creates exhaustion. It also keeps you from being seen. And yet, for many, there seems to be no other way. If you look to be smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough, and do all things perfect and want to contemplate another way of relating to the world, come to listen and learn with and from others who work every bit as hard as you do. We will look at the difference between perfectionism and healthy striving...and how to give yourself permission to let go of the perfectionistic style of living. It won't be easy, but I guarantee that the process will involve lots of laughter and support--and no judgement.

Rising Strong after the death of a marriage

No one stands at the alter thinking that this could end. When a marriage ends, a lifestyle is ripped apart, people that became family long ago now are distant. Family traditions change. Friendship circles change. Financial circumstances change. Every moment of every day feels unfamiliar and strange--even if the dissolution of the marriage was the right thing. So often, the messages that crop up in one's head during divorce are even worse that what is happening on the outside...and the outside circumstances feel bad enough.  Grief is inevitable at the death of a marriage--but there is no funeral along with the community support that happens along with the memorial service. This workshop is a funeral of sorts for the marriage...allow yourself the opportunity to grieve and remember; to feel the lost and lonely feelings; to long for what was and be sad for what won't be; and then to be inspired to write an ending that has you feel like you can be the author of your future.

I can't fight this feeling any more: Letting Go of Anxiety

If you have noticed your ability to tolerate uncertainty decrease, the constant negativity in the news headlines get to you, and your thoughts are swirling when you wish you were sleeping, this may be the workshop for you. If you find yourself spending too much time on Facebook or on-line shopping or playing video games, it may be that you are trying to escape from a world that feels too stressful. We will look at how our perceptions change the way we perceive our circumstances and give you practical tools to create shifts. The world may not be any less stressful, but you don't have to be as stressed.  Practical anxiety reducing strategies--and hearing how others struggle and prevail will be an essential part of this experience.  You are not alone.

Each of these workshops will have a similar structure:

  • Friday evening and all day Saturday format
  • Working supper on Friday, lunch out on Saturday, and snacks included
  • Material presented by Carolyn Klassen, CDWF and colleagues including videos with Dr. Brené Brown, available exclusively through these workshops
  • Meaningful discussion and sharing--always for everybody within their level of comfort. It is essential that no one participate in any other way other than what feels right for them
  • Laughter, tears, insights, growth and emotional relief are free for the taking

Please call or email our office to put your name on the list to be contacted for one of these workshops. Cost for each workshop is anticipated to be about $200.

Rising Strong Logo for course Rising Strong based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown

"If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall; this is the physics of vulnerability." Brené Brown, Rising Strong

Rising Strong™ is a course developed out of the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Through a series of videos of Brené Brown, individual experiences, and discussion in a small group, with the facilitation of a certified facilitator, Carolyn Klassen, the material is processed, worked through, and experienced.

Rising Strong™ works through:

The Reckoning. The Rumble.  The Revolution.™

This course may be helpful to deal with a fall in your life, recently or in the past, as you seek to become the author of your story. This course is not designed to replace therapy or complete the journey of an experience. Rather, it is designed to move you forward in your life by reckoning and rumbling to move towards a revolution in yourself and in your world. It builds on material in The Daring Way™, but attendance at The Daring Way™ is not a prerequisite to attending Rising Strong™

It is anticipated that Rising Strong will be offered in late Spring 2018. Please call us if you would like to be notified of this course.


Rising Strong Trailer from Brené Brown on Vimeo.

Myth About Vulnerability

Hey…the thought of exploring vulnerability with others is, well, really vulnerable. But, as Brené Brown says, exploring vulnerability on one's own is actually not possible.

Please know that we do this exploration of daring greatly mindful of the how intimidating it can be…we make it do-able, and know that you will actually be encouraged to share only as much as makes sense to you. An important part of vulnerability is not pressuring oneself to overshare! A lot of folks are interested in exploring more of what Dr. Brown is about, but feel like there is no way that they want to explore their own vulnerability with others, because it is…well…its vulnerable (duh!). It's quite common to dread the "group experience" part of the process and by the end of the experience, appreciate that as the most valuable part of the process!

So…I get that to come to a weekend, you're gonna have to get your courage on, and be vulnerable ("uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure"). It'll be hard to register, and even harder to show up the first day.

And I'm gonna admire that. I know how hard it was for me to walk into The Daring Way™ the first day when I did The Daring Way ™ myself.

Share this with a friend and come together?…

Group Discussions

We require a minimum of 7 people to run the group (the max size will be 14), and reserve the right to cancel the group if insufficient registrations are received. Please call our office at 204 275 1045 to register or contact us via our contact page to express your interest. Melanie and Del, our client care managers, will take down some basic registration information, and will ask you a few screening questions, to ensure that this group is appropriate for you. Please know that we ask all potential participants these questions as part of ensuring a successful experience for all those who experience The Daring Way™. Your attendance is confirmed once payment has been received. Payment is via cash, cheque, debit, Visa or Mastercard.

All participants will have the ability to choose when and how to participate. However, the "secret sauce" of the experience is members being willing to develop an increasing level of vulnerability over the course of the group. This is intimidating…but trust me, folks that have gone through this course generally reflect on how the group discussion is the most powerful component of an overall powerful experience. Folks that are in acute distress because of recent trauma, are in the first 60-90 days of substance use/abuse recovery, or otherwise in significant distress are encouraged to take the course at a later date. It will be intense and challenging, but will also involve hearty laughter and fun. No one has to do or say anything that they inherently know is not a good idea.

Though not at all mandatory, it is helpful to read Daring Greatly, The Gifts of Imperfection, or I thought it was just me by Brené Brown for The Daring Way™. Prior to attending Rising Strong™,  you might want to read Rising Strong. Alternatively, there are several videos online of Brené Brown that will help familiarize you with the material. Please look at our "Guilt and Shame" page for links to these videos. Carolyn Bergen (CDWF-Candidate) has been writing about Dr. Brené Brown's research for some time, exploring the concepts of shame, vulnerability, authenticity and wholehearted living.

The Daring Way ™ with your group:

Call us if you would like too book a 3 day The Daring Way™ intensive retreat for your team at work, your book club, your Bible study group, or a group of friends who want to help themselves and each other show up, be seen, and live bravely™.

You supply the venue and the food/snacks, and we supply the therapists,worksheets, The Daring Way ™ book…which means we supply the facilitation and the expertise to guide your group through a life changing experience. You provide the support and the laughter and your stories which will make your The Daring Way ™ event a one-of-a-kind experience. Call us to discuss the options.

Further offerings are in "the works":

The Daring Way™ for Couples

          A three day weekend retreat for couples who are not in acute distress but desire to increase the intimacy level in their relationship through meaningful conversation with each other and with other couples-

Please call our office (204 275 1045) or email us if you are interested in participating in any of the above groups, and we will contact you as soon as dates are established.