Master of Arts in Counselling

Ruth Shantz has completed her Master of Arts in Counselling and has a variety of work experience in the counselling field.

Quite simply, Ruth values people! She believes that everyone is on a journey.  She provides a safe environment for them to share their story. She wants them to be heard without judgement. People describe Ruth as having a gentle presence and a genuine concern for where they are at, and where they are going.

With empathy, and her natural ability to perceive things beyond the surface, Ruth helps to enable honest and authentic communication.  Ruth will help you to explore your thoughts and emotions in regards to various life experiences in order to help you discover your needs and desires.  She is committed to empowering you toward desired change, through the process of developing healthy goals. Her natural intuitive and gentle nature will create a welcome space for healing work for many clients.

Some areas of experience for Ruth include life transitions, anxiety, depression, grief, relational difficulties, trauma, and building self-esteem and confidence. She draws from a variety of counselling theories but primarily focuses on Attachment, Emotion Focused Therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Ruth is currently on leave, but we anticipate her return in 2022.

Ruth Shantz is a therapist at Conexus Counselling in Winnipeg

Ruth Shantz is a counsellor at Conexus Counselling in Winnipeg Manitoba. Ruth does therapy with depressed, anxious and does EMDR with clients with trauma

Ruth Shantz is a counsellor at Conexus Counselling. She does therapy with couples. Ruth uses EMDR to help clients with trauma related anxiety