Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Cailey is in the final stages of her MA in Marriage & Family Therapy and is excited to be at Conexus to complete the internship component of her degree.

Coming to therapy is a big step, so Cailey works to create a connection with her clients by being empathetic and accepting. She strives to create a safe space where clients can be vulnerable and authentic. Life can be difficult and problems can take hold of us, so she works to help clients take back control of their life from the problem. She believes that people have the capacity to change within them, so she walks alongside clients as they heal and grow.

Cailey is fascinated by the way that people tell stories about themselves and their lives and by seeing how these stories can impact how we live. It is honouring to hear these stories, and she hopes that in therapy clients can author a story that is empowering and authentic to who they are. She also believes that change within oneself can impact those in relationship with us, so she sees great value in couple and family sessions.

Cailey’s approach draws on narrative practices, attachment theory, emotion-focused therapy, family systems, and feminist theory, among others. She has a holistic perspective on wellness, recognizing that our emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual health are all interconnected. Therefore, she is willing to integrate spirituality into her approach for clients who would prefer this.

We are delighted that Cailey has joined our team and will begin seeing clients in May 2021. We are a stronger group because of her.