Therapy Intern

Natalie is a graduate student of Providence Theological Seminary. She is nearing the completion of her Master of Arts in Counselling.  Natalie seeks to use her education to help others discover and live a fulfilling life.

Natalie began listening to people's hearts long before she ever began pursuing her degree in counselling.  Her deep desire to help hurting people was evident early. Her gentle spirit and natural inclination toward being a good listener are what caused family and friends to encourage her to become a counsellor.  She is compassionate and non judgmental. Natalie wants all of her clients to know they are safe in her presence.

Natalie was born into a bilingual family in Quebec and moved to Manitoba in 2008 when she married.  Together, she and her husband can be heard on over thirty radio stations across Central and Western Canada, and soon Belize.  Natalie uses her French skills on the radio in Quebec. She is fluent in both English and French.  She welcomes English and French speaking clients to work with her.     

Natalie has been helping people for years in her various roles as a mentor, school teacher, and customer service representative.  While she juggles school and family life, she has also been devoting her time to traveling throughout Manitoba, serving as part of a non-profit organization that reaches out to underprivileged children and their families through summer camps.  She places a personal emphasis on building and maintaining healthy relationships with family, friends, and anyone she has the opportunity to get to know. 

Natalie keenly remembers her sweaty palms and racing heart as she made her first call to book her own therapist for the first time. She respects the courage involved in taking that first step toward asking for help. 

For those who choose her as their therapist, she is eager to make them feel welcome, at ease, and safe.   She believes in a holistic approach to therapy which includes a focus on the psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual components of well-being.  She offers spiritual integration for those desiring it.

Natalie will be working under the careful supervision of Carolyn Klassen as she works with clients to explore and improve the connections in their lives. She will be with us until the end of May 2018.

Bonjour! Je poursuis présentement ma maîtrise en psychothérapie. Comme êtres humains, nous sommes complexes et munis d'aspects psychologiques, émotifs, physiques, et spirituels. Je crois sincèrement que nous avons un besoin profond d’avoir des connexions saines avec autrui. Je possède une bonne écoute et un grand désir d'aider les gens en périodes difficiles dans leur vie. En tant que thérapeute, je désire ardemment que les gens se sentent à l’aise et en sécurité en ma présence. Il me ferait plaisir de vous accueillir come client(e) et de vous accompagner dans votre cheminement vers l’espoir et la guérison.


Natalie Giesbrecht is a therapy intern at Conexus Counselling in Winnipeg on Pembina Highway

Conexus Counselling on Pembina Highway in Winnipeg Manitoba has Natalie Giesbrecht providing therapy as a therapy intern. She does counselling in French