Master of Arts in Counselling

Heather Pringle studied psychology for her Bachelor of Arts in Calgary and then completed a Masters in Counselling in Manitoba. Earlier in her career, while working for a social service organization, Heather realized how drawn she was to connecting with others. She enjoyed compassionately listening to people's stories and she decided to pursue a vocation in counselling.

Heather has over  eight years of experience in support work and crisis counselling from a variety of settings with youth, individuals, and families. She has experience with youth mentoring, case management, and supervision within non-profit organizations. As a counselling therapist, Heather sees clients for a variety of concerns including anxiety, abuse, depression, and relationship concerns. She takes a special interest in helping people recover from stressful life events and trauma, since often these experiences can have impacts in the way people perceive themselves, life, and the world around them. She has training in EMDR, for people interested in treatment for issues such as anxiety, self-esteem concerns, or traumatic stress responses.

Heather has also completed Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Heather utilizes the Gottman method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy models in her work with couples. Couples who are interested in the comprehensive Gottman Couples Assessment as part of their therapy, can include using this online tool to enhance their work in couples counselling.

Heather believes that every person possesses purpose and the power for growth. That makes being a counsellor as an honour. She greatly values the bravery and hope clients show by seeking counselling. She believes therapy provides a unique environment for clients to be heard and to view their stories from different angles. Heather believes authentic living can be encouraged or injured in the context of relationships. She therefore aims to provide a therapeutic environment that is safe and nurturing. She appreciates the power of self-reflection and strives to help clients gain greater awareness of themselves and their relationships. Heather values non-judgemental listening and a therapeutic stance that assists clients to grow in reaching their own conclusions.

Occasionally, Heather insightfully blogs for us...and we always learn something when she does!


Heather Pringle - Conexus Counselling - Winnipeg, Manitoba Heather Pringle - Conexus Counselling - Winnipeg, Manitoba Heather Pringle - Conexus Counselling - Winnipeg, Manitoba