An Anger Management Course that's engaging, interesting...and maybe even a little fun?!

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Current offerings:

     SPRING SESSION  -- Thursday, May 23rd &

Thursday, May 30th, 2019.

           Registrations are now closed for this session.

               You are also welcome to register for the Anger Management Course 1 on 1 with a therapist in our office.


Imagine at end of a long day at work, going to a group and spending three hours talking about anger--imagining all those cheesy lines, like, "How does that make you feel?", "Count to 10".  Probably not your idea of a "fun" way to enjoy that time, right?

You might be surprised.

TDC is an anger management group that endeavors to be worth your valuable time.  It frees up multiple evenings that many anger management groups require, with  an intense-and-full-evenings format. You can get 6-8 weeks worth of material in 2 evenings. The manual is easy to read and contains lots of helpful information.  The instructor, Heather Pringle,  shows some videos that capture your interest and may give you a chuckle. And the others in the group share stories, things they have learned, and are supportive of each other--fellow participants make it interesting for each other (in a way that feels comfortable for themselves and others). Yummy nutrition breaks add interest to the evening.

One recent participant said that TDC helped him make connections with the source of his anger inside of him in new ways.  He was expecting to come and write down many lists, learn how to "count to 10" (which not surprisingly, was a skill he had already acquired back when he was a preschooler) and leave feeling like he was still stuck...instead he found new insight that empowered him to find strategies that were natural and unique to him that allowed him to respond first to himself and then to others as he felt the anger occur.

In a recent survey of folks who completed TDC, 100% of participants rated the course as interesting and useful. Participants felt that they were able to have more control  over their behavior, that they understood their anger better, and they had tools to calm themselves down.  While many are concerned about talking about anger in a group setting (the stereotypes of this are alive and well in popular media--and not pretty!), many find that hearing the others in the group talk with each other is the highlight of the program.