Authenticity Trumps Perfection

“Perfectionism is a twenty-ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us when, in fact, its the thing that’s preventing us from taking flight”

Brené  Brown

I stumbled across Brené Brown’s blog yesterday and loved the message that she shouts, whispers, draws, encapsulates, inspires, and strives to live…that authenticity beats perfectionism. That living authentically instead of perfectly is a bold act of rebellion which will be terrifying and exhilarating and exciting and lifegiving all at the same time. She has noticed that when people live authentically, one is able to fully able to hold both the fear and excitement of life, the stress and the joy, and be both afraid and brave. I like her message…I have a feeling I’d like her!


Brené’s blog earlier this month was inspiring…a brilliant stroke of genius…she inspired people to join her in her proclamation of releasing the need to be perfect and to accept themselves authentically and fully. Go over and check out the result on her blog. It’s fabulous. Go…You can always come back. It’s worth the bubbly feeling that happens internally when you see it.

Fun, huh?

It’s couterintuitive, but powerfully true, that when one releases oneself from the burden of being perfect, one can be authentically who they were created to be. With the burden of perfection lifted, the lightness of being creates opportunities for joy, creativity, engagement and connection that inevitably leads to a greater quality of life than trying so hard to be perfect could ever produce.

Brené provides a proclamation of authenticity that we’ll be posting on the bulletin board in our office next week:

Brene Brown celebrates the freedom of authenticity, allowing people who struggle under the burden of low self esteem to regain self confidence and self love.

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