Kids are great.

That’s one of the best things about
our business,

all the kids you get to meet. It’s a shame they have to
grow up to be

regular people and come to the games and call you names.

Charles Barkley

Professional basketball player


A call to be aware as we grow–to grow up to be irregular people…the kind that keep the wonder and joy of life. That remember when a game is a game, to admire people when they work hard. To be gracious to those who struggle. To make life as fun for others as we hope to make it for ourselves. To grow towards the light…just like my amaryllis:

An amaryllis grows towards the light, as we seek to grow towards wonder, grace and joy.

Oh baby…now we’re growing…every day there is significant amounts of growth…over an inch a day! The growing was slow at first…I’d imagine this plant was busy nestling in solid roots into the soil, getting the ability to pull in nutrients to sprout up. That’s the way a lot of growth is…not a lot to see at first–the growth is “under the radar”–but significant, because it lays the ground work for the flashy external stuff later.

So that early work was done well, and my amaryllis is a show-off–it shows off daily as I come in from the cold…it’s loving the sun, and the water, and it’s getting ready to blow me away with it’s blooms. The stalk with the bloom buds is taller than the leaves now. It’s cold outside, but that’s not stopping this amaryllis. We’re loving it’s potential, and it’s reminding me that all is not cold and dark.

So, if your growing is at the root level…working hard and not much to show for it…hang in there…your time is coming!

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